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University of Architecture & Environmental Design


A hub of innovation where architecture, technology, planning, management, design, and support services converge. Guided by a master plan, this dynamic space is designed to inspire collaboration and creativity.

Problem Statement

Disconnected Campus Design Hampers Collaboration

Many university campuses struggle to foster collaboration among different disciplines due to fragmented design. Departments like architecture, technology, planning, management, design, and support services often operate in isolation, hindering interdisciplinary interaction. This disconnect limits the potential for innovative research and creative solutions. Solving this requires a campus design that prioritizes integration, enabling seamless collaboration and maximizing the collective impact of diverse expertise.

About Location

Campus Planning Sketch

The 12.5-acre plot is situated in a bustling area, despite being noisy, and is conveniently close to institutional zones. It boasts excellent connectivity to the city's central hub and various services. Its surroundings consist of residential areas, institutions, a prison, and All India Radio (A.I.R).

Architecture Drawing

The academic zone occupies the central portion of the site, with the university block positioned separately in the buffer zone. Residential areas and hostels are situated in the southern portion of the site.

The placement of the university block disrupts the visual flow between the academic and university zones, creating a separation between them.

Architecture Concepts

The canteen and sports area are designated within the space between the academic and hostel blocks. The football turf is oriented from south to north to minimize exposure to direct sunlight.

Architecture sketch

The academic block and university block are distinctly designed with their own entrances, ensuring clear delineation between the two zones. Moreover, to enhance accessibility and accommodate various needs, there are two additional service entries. These service entries not only cater to the operational requirements of the academic and university facilities but also extend their utility by providing access to the adjacent residential area, thereby fostering a seamless integration of the different zones within the vicinity.

Campus Planning Projects

The orientation of the building blocks ensures a direct view of the activity area, providing privacy and comfort from the public domain. The building entry enhances the space created between the buildings.


The strategic orientation of the building blocks intentionally obscures the view of the activity area, effectively creating a sense of privacy and comfort for those within from the bustling public zone.

Architecture Design
Product designer

This orientation serves to emphasize and improve the entry points leading towards the activity area, enhancing accessibility and engagement with the designated space. Overall, this thoughtful design approach not only prioritizes privacy and comfort but also enhances the overall experience and usability of the surrounding environment.

Architecture to UX design

The pedestrian paths through Exhibition Hall showcasing students' works to enhance the activity along the route.

The campus has restricted vehicular access to designated public zones to prioritize pedestrian safety and create a welcoming environment for foot traffic. However, despite this limitation, careful planning ensures that all buildings remain easily accessible without causing disruptions to the pedestrian pathways. This approach allows for the efficient flow of both pedestrians and vehicles while maintaining a cohesive and functional campus layout.

Urban Planning Sketch
Architecture freehand sketches

Using building blocks of varying heights achieves visual balance at the entry to the academic activity area, avoiding the congested feeling typical of ordinary alleyways. These dynamic pathways not only guide visitors to the academic activity area but also serve as a directional marker, with the interconnecting bridge functioning as a gateway to this space.

Architecture Blog

1. Academic Entrance
2. Academic Building
3. University Block
4. Main Plaza
5. University Plaza
6. Public Library
7. Exhibition Center
8. Parking Lot
9. Auditorium
10. Administration Building
11. Architecture Building
12. Design Building
13. Planning Building
14. Management Building
15. Technology Building
16. Grounds
17. Indoor Sports Facility
18. Cafeteria
19. Student Housing
20. Faculty Housing
21. Officials' Residence
22. Garden
23. Academic Library
24. Area for Future Expansion

Areal View

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