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Figma prototype

The product

Project duration

The problem

The goal



 Create 3 screens (mobile app screens):

  •  Music submitter’s profile page - shows other users who this musician is.

  •  Community Feed page - where users can discover and vote on posts by all other users.

  •  A welcome screen of the app.  

3 Days (Assignment project)

A music company is holding a music contest asking users to submit their music videos on a community page. Every participant votes all entries. The music video with the most no of votes wins.Create 3 screens (mobile app screens)

Neat, clutter-free interactive, and easy to use Music submitter’s profile,Community Feed page and Welcome screen 

UX designer

Conducting quick research, Paper, digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, Creating mockups


Research: summary

The area of short videos has opened up a new genre of video creating, sharing, and consuming platform for content creators and viewers. What were once premeditated, longer, primarily shot on professional cameras, and in horizontal format, became short, vertical, spontaneous shots on phones, and in-the-moment where people showcased 15 to 60 seconds of talent on popular music.

Why short Music Videos

Because 5% of viewers will stop watching videos after one minute and 60% of viewers drop off after two minutes, short videos can boost the number of people who actually get to the end of the music video. Users are usually scrolling quickly and their time is at a premium. These videos have higher retention rates, making them more likely to capture the viewer's attention - and for longer.

Sharable content and artist growth

Short music videos are optimal for creating shareable content intended for social media engagement. According to Single Grain, 92% of mobile users share videos. More share leads to artist growth

Welcome pages reflect your brand

Users probably have some knowledge of our brand before making it to the welcome screen: they’ve seen ads, visited our website, or followed us on social media. But the welcome page is the first time they are experiencing our product, and everything you include on it is a reflection of who we are and what we offer.

Accessibility considerations

  • More accessible when higher contrast is applied

  • Depending on your accessibility needs or visual preferences, video thumbnails can be animated or static.
    Turn animated thumbnails on or off

  • More accessible when unnecessary marks and redundant information removed

  • Adding the Color Blind palette and adding shapes to reinforce what is being shown in color

  • The photosensitive epilepsy toggle and warning will protect those who may be sensitive to some of the video effects.


Starting the design

Paper wireframes


Low-fidelity prototype


Future consideration

Welcome screen

  • Use the signup data you’ve collected to welcome users personally

  • Make the welcome page experience interactive ( Now cuckoo can talk )

  • Provide easy access to support (emphasize on help button )

  • Offer sample content for a quick start

Music submitters screen's

  • More badge of honor for artists

  • genre of artist

Community Feed page

  • Winners playlist

  • Duet with music companies karaoke ( Place to promote music companies original content)

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