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Figma prototype

The product

Project duration

The problem

The goal



An interactive dashboard and tracking screen for the Transport Administrator at any MNC (Tsport)

3 Days (Assignment project)

Employees use the company-provided cab service to commute between their homes and offices. This MNC has partnered with multiple vendors to provide those cabs and take care of all pickups and drops. Now, the company is working on a common platform where they can track all cabs at once and see the details of the individual as well if need be.

Neat, clutter-free interactive dashboard and tracking screen for the Transport Administrator

UX designer

Conducting Research, Competetive audit, Paper, digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, Creating mockups

Frame 34.png

Research: summary

Transport Administrator Dashboard page is a collection of various components displaying metrics and visual representations concerning employee transportation management.

  • Too much information can lead to something known as Analysis paralysis, a state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.

  • Show a snippet of the most important data point upfront and allow the user to drill down further if he/she wishes to.

  • Use more icons instead of labels and headings.

  • Keep the unnecessary things hidden (Use Drop-downs, Accordions, Pop-ups, Light Boxes, etc).

  • Do not try to guide the user too much

  • Try using Gestalt principles for easy interpretation of information

Competitive audit report

Frame 35.png


Offers vehicle tracking and automated transport technology for employee transportation, taxi fleet, trucking, etc


Business size

100+ clients across India,

Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Safetrax enhances a wide range of employee transportation services using AI. Leading Corporates use Safetrax for employee transport automation

Value proposition

Safetrax routing algorithm reduces travel cost and time by optimizing the transport operations.

Initial findings

  • The tone is inconsistent (a)

  • Too many details on a single page 

  • Useful data point upfront 

  • Crowded on top and

  • Too much free space in the bottom (b)


Accessibility considerations

  • More accessible when higher contrast is applied

  • Screen reading and alt text tell people what is in an image, such as text or basic essential details.

  • More accessible when unnecessary marks and redundant information removed

  • Make this line chart more accessible by applying the Color Blind palette and adding shapes to reinforce what is being shown in color

  • Use filters to reduce the number of marks in a view

  • Add Captions/text objects with descriptions of the dashboard and instructions about how to filter and use each view in the dashboard.


Color Blind palette

Frame 34.png
Starting the design

Paper wireframes


Low-fidelity prototype

Frame 37.png

Figma prototype

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