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Manoj George




Manoj George 

Bengaluru, India


Our goal was to design a logo that not only represents Manoj George's musical talents but also conveys his identity as a versatile artist with a rich cultural heritage. The logo needed to be memorable, timeless, and easily recognizable, resonating with his audience and industry peers.

Client Overview

Manoj George, an Indian violinist and music composer, has contributed to three Grammy Award-winning albums. In 2015, he was involved in "Winds of Samsara" as a conductor, string arranger, solo violinist, and choral arranger. He continued his success with "Divine Tides," winning the Best New Age Album in 2022 and the Best Immersive Audio Album in 2023.


Research & Inspiration

We began by researching Manoj George's musical background, style, and cultural influences. His fusion of traditional Indian classical music with contemporary elements served as a major inspiration. The quaver music note, a symbol of musical notation, was chosen as the central motif, symbolizing his passion for music and his profession as a violinist.

Design Concept
The logo concept revolves around the abstract representation of the quaver music note, seamlessly integrated with the initials 'M' and 'G' from Manoj George's name. The 'M' and 'G' are creatively intertwined within the quaver, symbolizing his unique musical identity and personal branding.

The design process involved sketching various iterations of the logo, experimenting with different arrangements and styles to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and symbolism. The final design features a sleek, modern look with clean lines and harmonious proportions, ensuring versatility and scalability across various applications.

The final logo design effectively captures Manoj George's essence as a violinist, music composer, and live performer with a distinguished style. It serves as a powerful visual representation of his brand, making a lasting impression on his audience and setting him apart in the competitive music industry.



Working on Manoj George's brand design was a rewarding experience, allowing us to showcase our creativity and design expertise while helping him establish a strong visual identity. The logo we created reflects his unique personality and musical talents, contributing to his continued success and recognition as a versatile artist.

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