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Shimon Jasmine Rasheed




Shimon Jasmine Rasheed

Bengaluru, India


Create a logo that reflects Shimon Jasmine Rasheed's identity as a violinist while incorporating his industry name SJR, symbolizing his passion, skill, and professional reputation in the music industry.

Client Overview

Shimon Jasmine Rasheed is a professional music producer and accomplished violinist, holding a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Sound Engineering. He possesses a deep understanding of the technical aspects of the violin, owing to his background as a sound engineer and musician. Shimon's diverse portfolio includes performing numerous sessions and solos for films such as "12th Man," "Kooman," "Appan," and "Neru," highlighting his exceptional talent and versatility. Additionally, he has contributed to Thaikudam Bridge. Shimon's commitment to his craft is evident in his attainment of Grade 6 proficiency in Violin.


SJR mesmerizes the crowd at Thaikudam Bridge.


Design Process

Research & Concept Development: We conducted research into the clients' professions and interests, identifying key themes and visual elements that could be incorporated into the design. The concept of the violin, with its association with music and artistry, emerged as a central theme.
Sketching & Ideation: We explored various design concepts, focusing on abstract interpretations of the violin shape and experimenting with different ways to integrate the clients' initials.

Refinement & Finalization: After several rounds of feedback and refinement, we arrived at a design that successfully captured the essence of the clients' professions while maintaining a sleek and professional aesthetic.

Design Concept

The logo concept revolves around the abstraction of a violin, utilizing its key elements to form the initials of Shimon Jasmine Rasheed (S, J, R). The design aims to convey elegance, professionalism, and a deep connection to music.
The concept is inspired by the abstract form of a violin, reflecting the elegance and sophistication of client profession. The design seamlessly integrates the initial of client, creating a unique and personalized visual identity.

Frame 1.png


The final logo design elegantly integrates abstract violin shapes with the initials (S, J, R) of Shimon Jasmine Rasheed. The sleek and modern design captures the essence of Shimon's profession and personality, serving as a strong visual representation of his brand.

Logo Mockup - By Amr Bo Shanab.png
PsFiles Business Card Mockups.png
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