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Figma prototype

The product

Project duration

The problem

The goal



Website landing page for SaaS company

3 Days (Assignment project)

Design a marketing website landing page for a fast-growing SaaS company considering 

Header, Hero Section, Clients,Key Features, Integrations, Customer Feedbacks, CTA, Footer

Neat, clutter-free interactive, and easy to use Website landing page for SaaS company called Spacedesk

UX designer

Conducting quick research, competitive audits, Paper, digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, Creating mockups


Research: summary

Insights & Common patterns from references

  • Hero sections explained the what it is.

  • Testimonials were highlighted

  • Each Website followed a certain style guide

  • Supporting sponsors were given secondary importance.

I then took some references and started studying the different sections involved

References of SaaS marketing websites



  • Notion


  • Slack



  • spend desk


  • Do more and more iterations. Iterations can be really powerful.

  • The design shouldn’t be text-heavy. Use bullet points rather than paragraphs for a better user experience.

  • Visual hierarchy is important for communicating the information and asking the user to focus on the important actions.

  • Adding extra and unnecessary information can be overwhelming for the user.

  • When everything gets equal attention, nothing ends up getting attention.


Starting the design

Paper wireframe


Low-fidelity prototype

How did I decide on my new color palette?

I used blue as the primary color as it denotes professionalism and its variants for other purposes.


Figma prototype

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