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Project duration

The problem

3 Days

Re-design the profile page for YouTube creators (Mobile app)


  • The profile page can have the following contents: (This is a sample list, feel free to include/exclude as you see fit)

    • List of videos I’ve uploaded

    • My engagement metrics (amount of likes, accounts reached, ad revenue, etc.)

    • My top topics/tags

    • Basic profile info, avatar


  • The goal is to make the page appeal to an average end-user while keeping importance to the function than form


UX designer


'It is important to keep in mind the interactions that take place between human cognition and the screen you’re designing for. Making things easier for your users means not forcing them to learn new representations or toolsets for each task. Reducing the length of the thinking process by eliminating confusion is also a sure bet when it comes to improving user experience.

Thus during the Redesign, we can Appy UI Elements as They are Originally Defined.'

Visual components like color, font, and icons should be consistent throughout YouTube and YouTube studio.


New design


Old Design

  • The Dashboard is practically the first thing one sees after opening the app. The previous subscriber counter and Channel profile at the top end of the screen is now enlarged and highlighted

  • Shifted notification number icon  to google Account profile image

  • Added more icons along with labels and headings.

  • Added search button on every page for quick content search and help


New Design

Group 330.png
Group 330.png
Group 330.png
Group 330.png

Old Design

  •  Now we can compare our typical video performance to the last few recent videos from the dashboard itself

  • The view count changed from list to the thumbnail

  • Added labeling to icons for the next billion-user

  • Added emphasis on copyright claim warning and warning Icon on the thumbnail


New Design


Old Design

  • Changing the progress bar from linear to circular gives more space for the video title

  • Added share button to directly share video from YouTube Studio to other social media platforms


New Design

image 32.png

Old Design

Frame 267.png
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